About us

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to set clear and measurable goals for both the short and long term, and we continually review our progress to ensure we are meeting those goals. Our focus on anticipating and addressing customer needs and concerns allows us to adapt our services accordingly, ensuring that we consistently deliver exceptional quality to our clients. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we gain a deeper understanding of their unique perspectives and, as a result, can more accurately represent them. Above all, we are committed to our projects and are only satisfied when we have exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Company at a glance

Ogooga comprises a team of 80 highly experienced marketing professionals with expertise in Content Writing, Social Media, Design, Performance Marketing, and SEO. With headquarters in Bucharest, we skillfully manage a portfolio of 30+ websites and 50+ integrated casinos, consistently delivering successful outcomes for our clients.


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Ogooga is guided by a set of core values that lead our approach to each project. We prioritize ownership, entrepreneurial spirit, growth mindset, equity and empowerment. We embody these beliefs to deliver effective and innovative solutions that lead towards our client’s success.


We take on responsibility for your projects, employing a long-term approach and prioritizing the company’s interests.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are solution-oriented and adaptable, constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance efficiency, efficacy and innovation.

Growth Mindset

We are committed to continuous self-improvement, pursuing both professional and personal development through ongoing learning.

Our Pillars

At the heart of our company, we prioritize leadership, teamwork, customer orientation, and learning and growth. Our commitment to these pillars drives us to continuously improve our services, collaborate effectively, prioritize the needs of our customers, and invest in our own development. We believe that by upholding these values, we can achieve long-term success for both our clients and our team.

Leadership Principles

We firmly believe that leadership is not just a title, but a mindset that drives decision-making at all levels. Our leadership principles guide our approach to every project, ensuring that we are always striving for excellence and driving innovation.


We take responsibility and ownership over your projects. We think long-term & act with the company’s best interest at heart.

Emotional Intelligence

We understand and empathize with your team members by motivating and inspiring them.



We are adaptable and able to adjust to leadership style to suit the needs of different team members and challenges.


We are genuine, transparent and true to one’s values and belief. We don’t judge, instead we understand the feelings of others. 


At Ogooga, every team member is valued, respected, and encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and skills. By working together and leveraging our collective strengths, we can deliver exceptional results and drive the success of our clients and our company.


We speak up, we ask questions and we share our opinions and thoughts. We are unafraid to share our successes and failures.


We support and help each other, we treat each other with kindness and curiosity and we have each other’s backs.


We value teamwork and collaboration, and we encourage our team to work together to achieve common goals.

Shared goals

We have a clear understanding of the team’s goals and a shared commitment to achieving them.

Customer Oriented

We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience by anticipating their needs and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations. Our customer-oriented approach is the foundation of our success and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients.


We anticipate and address customer needs and concerns, and tailor our products and services accordingly.


We are always looking for more insights to understand the details of our work and industry in order to make better decisions.


We are motivated by a passion for excellence, and we’re always willing to put in the extra effort to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.


We are always looking to understand the customer better. We’re focused on providing the best possible experience for customers.

Learning and Growth

We understand the importance of continuous learning and the pursuit of personal and professional development. Our team is constantly expanding their knowledge and skills through ongoing education, training, and mentorship. We believe that a growth mindset fosters innovation and enables us to better serve our clients, while staying ahead of industry trends and best practices.


We utilize self-assessment techniques and seek external feedback to pinpoint areas for improvement and identify necessary changes.


We take time to reflect on past experiences and learn from them and use those insights to inform future decisions and actions.


We are capable of bouncing back from setbacks and failures, and use those experience as opportunities for growth.


We are unafraid to test and try new things. We understand that creation and innovation cannot ensure without the risk of failure.

Responsible Gambling

While we understand the passion for games, we are aware of the potential risk associated with it. It’s important to play responsibly by not allowing gambling to interfere with your real life and social interactions. If you experience a gambling addiction, we encourage you to contact a support organization for confidential guidance and assistance, free of charge. You’re not alone in experiencing these issues and responsible gambling is here to help you overcome those challenges.

In order to access our sites, users must meet age requirements and be at least 18 years old. In the interest of protecting minors, please do not register with false age information. We and our partners consider the protection of minors to be a priority and therefore proof of age, such as a copy of ID, is required when registering on our gaming sites. Play smart, play responsible!