Established in 2016, Ogooga is the leading online marketing company that operates in the Casino Affiliation industry. We collaborate with the biggest casino brands to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients by employing a diverse range of cutting-edge online marketing strategies. Our expertise lies in the creation of high-traffic websites and the utilization of a variety of online marketing tools to enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement.



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Welcome to Ogooga

Ogooga has a team of highly experienced marketing professionals, consisting of 80 colleagues with professional backgrounds in Content Writing, Social Media, Design, Performance Marketing and SEO. Whether it's developing a comprehensive content marketing plan, optimizing search engine rankings or executing a social media campaign, our team is equipped with the skills and expertise to deliver successful outcomes. Headquartered in Bucharest, we expertly manage a portfolio of over 30 websites and 50+ integrated casinos. With our global presence and industry expertise, we are skilled at managing diverse projects, which is why our partners rely on us for innovative solutions that not only strengthen their online presence, but also extend their reach, ensuring their continued growth and success.


Our Values

Ogooga is guided by a set of core values that lead our approach to each project. We prioritize ownership, entrepreneurial spirit, growth mindset, equity and empowerment. We embody these beliefs to deliver effective and innovative solutions that lead towards our client's success.


We take on responsibility for your projects, employing a long-term approach and prioritizing the company's interests.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are solution-oriented and adaptable, constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance efficiency, efficacy and innovation.

Growth Mindset

We are committed to continuous self-improvement, pursuing both professional and personal development through ongoing learning.


We nurture a supportive environment, empowering individuals to progress in their professional journey through mentoring and encouragement.

Our Partners